The Royal Wedding

As we all know, the prince of England, Prince William married his beautiful love, Kate. The royal wedding was a huge moment to the world. The last royal wedding was taken place in 1981 which was 30 years ago. In my opinion as an American, the wedding attracts so much media and attention because this was the first royal wedding since Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Another reason why it might be so popular and talked about is because Prince William could soon become the king of England. From my own personal perspective, I am a little bored with the royal wedding even though it was drastically different from the average American wedding.

DaiQuana L. pd. 9

My group finished our project within the time that was given to us in the computer lab in class. Each of the members in our group answered one question. In the two days we were there, I researched some information that answered question number 2. Ryan answered number 3 while Clarissa answered number 1. However, Clare was the one who did our audio from her brother’s studio.


My name is DaiQuana and I am in Mr. Sal’s 9th period class. In the game, I started off as the United States then soon became apart of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

On the first day, before we aligned with Austria-Hungary, we made a treaty with them and Germany. The treaty was for an agreement to protect each other and back each other up. Together, we spent our economic points by buying navy and colonies. We bought this because it gave us more money.

Austria-Hungary also declared war on France and won on the first day. Austria-Hungary once again declared war on France but this time France was aligned with two other countries. With this said, Germany didn’t back them up because they thought they would lose. Therefore, the treaty between Germany and Austria-Hungary was broken. We, the U.S. backed them up. However, once France took all of our stuff, we decided to surrender along with Austria-Hungary.

Even though we did not break the treaty we made with the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, we are not satisfied with the unsuccessful outcome. We are not content because we didn’t want to lose. Realizing there were things we could’ve done to change this conclusion, we understood there was almost no chance of us winning, making us look like a failure as a country.

Something we could’ve done differently is not surrendered and stayed in the game. That would’ve made us look more confident as a whole. Even though we may not have won, not surrendering could have possibly made us gain more respect by not giving up for the sake of our country. In the end, another country might have possibly wanted to be in alliance with us.

I somewhat better understand the diplomacy in the world. I’m still unsure about some things though. I understand why war is brought upon countries and what the point of it is. However, I don’t get the fact that hundreds of people can die, but yet the countries involved in the war can still go on how they started, not improving anything and just remaining how they began before taking a lot of lives. Overall, the game did help me better understand how things work in the world.

Womens suffrage

My name is DaiQuana and I am a student in Mr. Sal’s 9th period class. The issue I wil be discussing is women suffrage. Women suffrage is the right of women to vote and run for office. During the 1900s, women struggled to gain the right to vote and run for office. This caused problems such as chaos in the states due to the fact that women were treated differently than men and women wanted to be able to do certain things they weren’t able to do. The issue was eventually solved by the 19th amendment on August 18, 1920.

During this time, voting was obviously an important issue to women. To try to solve the issue, alot of petitions were held. There was also a point where the women created organizations such as the National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA) and the American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA). These organizations condemned the 14th and 15th amendments as blatant injustices to women. These groups worked with journals and raised campaigns. They tried their best to get state legislatures to be in agreement with them. However, only a select few states agreed. With this said, the organizations tried a lot more to allow women to receive the right to vote and run for office. Eventually, this goal was acheived on August 18, 1920 when the 19th amendment was ratified.

My class expectations

I am DaiQuana in Mr. Sal’s 9th period 20th century class. An expectation that I have for this class is to learn more about black history during black history month. I also expect to remember things that I’ve learned and better understand why certain things are the way they are today. An expectation of the technology we use in class that I have would be that if we sign up for a website we should use it more than once or twice in the year. Another thing I expect is to know how to do everything as far as knowing where certain things are on the iPods. Those are my expectations for 20th century.