From “thefacebook” to “Facebook”


Whenever she gets home from school she sits on her squeaky computer chair and turns on the computer anxiously waiting for the screen to turn bright and welcome her. She double clicks Internet Explorer and it takes her to her homepage…username:, password:*********. Twelve new notifications, she is overwhelmed with excitement because she had so many notifications since this morning at six. Jonny commented on your photo, Becca, Josh, Sarah, Margie, and Richey like your status, Izabella posted something on your wall, Ethan wrote on your wall: hey wanna have a mov…. Jeremy wants to add you as a friend. She spends 20 minutes replying to all the post and comments then looks on her “most recent newsfeed” seeing what her friends are up to, occasionally commenting or liking a status update. She stares at the screen hoping a new notification will show up . . . nothing. She logs off and repeats in about an hour, constantly checking Facebook. Facebook has been a part of our lives since 2004. It started as a hobby of College student Mark Zuckerberg, went through trouble with ConnectU, and got so big it was even made into a hit movie.

A world wide phenomenon, Facebook, has over 350 million active users and more than 55 million status updates each day. (Earl, Hafner, Heussner, Hsu, and Matyszczyk 1) It’s no secret Facebook has become a part of most of our lives. Facebook was created and commenced in February 2004 and has since blown up all over the world. Creator, former-Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg, originally called it “thefacebook” and targeted the social network site to high school students up to college teens; little did he know kids and adults of all ages would use the site. Mark started it just as one of his sideline projects with some financial help from Eduardo Saverin. Months later, Facebook and its main idea spread across all of Harvard where it was very well acknowledged. That is when it all started; months later Mark Zuckerberg and two other Harvard-students, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, teamed up to help him make Facebook even bigger. Soon after, the idea of Facebook blew up. Zuckerberg and Moskovitz dropped out of school to run Facebook, a dream of theirs. In August 2005 “thefacebook” was changed to Facebook and Facebook was bought for two-hundred thousand dollars! (Yadav 1)

Of course Facebook had its troubles. In 2004 Facebook was almost closed. On September 2, 2004,, a fellow social networking site, threatened to shut down Facebook and file a lawsuit against Facebook and its five officers. The suit asked the court to shut down the site and force Zuckerberg and to turn over the profits from his so-called breach of contract. ConnectU said that Mark stole their source code while he was in their employment. Zuckerberg viewed what he did at ConnectU as “informal,” contributing less than a day of work then quitting. (Mcginn 1)  In conclusion Mark denied the allegation and the lawsuit was dismissed. Looks like Facebook wins.  (Yadav 1)

Facebook is such a phenomenon that it was turned into a movie called “The Social Network.” The movie is about the founding of Facebook and the lawsuits it faced. The movie was directed by David Fincher and features a cast including Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Brenda Song, Armie Hammer, Max Minghella and Rooney Mara. The film won the “Hollywood Ensemble Award” from the Hollywood Awards, and was a hit in the box office. During “The Social Network’s” premiere weekend in the United States, the film opened at number 1, grossing an estimated $23 million in 2,771 theaters. Then in its second weekend it was number 1 again, dropping only 31.2 percent. The movie made huge amount of money worldwide, in the end making over 180 million dollars. In the film, Mark creates Facebook in order to impress a girl and gain popularity nationwide. The real Zuckerberg says that “The thing the film makers can’t wrap their head around the idea that someone might build something because they like building things,” then adding “the movie did have every signal shirt or fleece I ever owned right!” (Zuckerberg 1)

Facebook was only created 6 years ago but it seems like it has been here forever. People of all ages have Facebook accounts, using it to socialize, promote a band or product, build their business, and other reasons. Celebrities use it to update their fans and talk about their newest albums or upcoming shows. It has grown so much that it is now more popular then the huge that everyone used to have and is the number two most searched website on the internet behind Google. Also the average teenager spends over fifty-five minutes a day on Facebook. Facebook is still growing and getting better it will be around for a long time.

Remember the Titans- Coach Yoast

Coach Yoast- Losing the Hall of Fame

Coach Yoast, the head coach of the Titan’s football team lost his spot in the hall of fame. Coach Yoast lost position of head coach after Herman Boone took his place. Yoast was extremely upset, he lost his spot to an African American and refused the position of assistant coach, Boone offered him. After all of his old players refuse to let Yoast go, he decides to take up Boone on his offer. At first Yoast was mad and didn’t want anything to do with Boone or any of the colored players. However, after realizing that they were no different then everyone else, knowing that in order for the football team to do good and his players to get scholarships, he starts building a relationship with everyone on the team including coach Boone. They all work together and go through struggles and wins. They win every game they play with flying colors. Until one day the football administration informs coach Yoast that he is to lose the rest of his games and next year they will send Boone away and put him back in his head position. Yoast knows that the whole team has been through far too much to give it all away and coach Boone is what the teams needs. Yoast refuses the offer and threatens that he will tell the press if they keep up with this behavior. That is when they tell Yoast he just lost his place in the Virginia High School Hall of Fame. Coach Yoast is very upset because he worked his whole life for the Hall of Fame but he doesn’t let that keep him from staying with his team. Coach Yoast shows leadership quality by refusing the offer of head coach and sending coach Boone away. He cared more about his teams future and putting an end to racial tension than the Hall of Fame spot he always wanted. Yoast worked hard and was put through a lot from the whole town but that never stopped him from coaching his team. He showed how blacks and whites are the same and how important it is that people realize that. I look up to coach Yoast and his ability to never let people bring him down.

Expectations for Mr.Sal’s Civics

In Mr. Sal’s 5th period civics class I would like to learn more about government and politics, and about the new, neat technology we are using.
I personally can’t stand politics. I think it’s just an excuse for people to fight for hours. Half the time peopleL don’t even know what they are talking about, they just argue to sound smart. Saying this, I would like to learn more about government and politics instead of hearing the word “politics” followed with a fight.  I would like to better my knowledge of politics so I actually know what people are talking about.

The technology we use in Mr.Sal’s class is extremely advance and cool. I already have an iPod touch and find them pretty easy to use. I would like to learn how I can use iPods and all the cool websites for school work and classes. I want to know how to use more apps on the iPod too. I like using evernote and having all my classes notes online.