Expectations for Mr.Sal’s Civics

In Mr. Sal’s 5th period civics class I would like to learn more about government and politics, and about the new, neat technology we are using.
I personally can’t stand politics. I think it’s just an excuse for people to fight for hours. Half the time peopleL don’t even know what they are talking about, they just argue to sound smart. Saying this, I would like to learn more about government and politics instead of hearing the word “politics” followed with a fight.  I would like to better my knowledge of politics so I actually know what people are talking about.

The technology we use in Mr.Sal’s class is extremely advance and cool. I already have an iPod touch and find them pretty easy to use. I would like to learn how I can use iPods and all the cool websites for school work and classes. I want to know how to use more apps on the iPod too. I like using evernote and having all my classes notes online.

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Senior at New Brighton High School.

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