Tuskegee Airmen

The Tuskegee Airmen were a group of African American’s who were the first to become pilots in the military. On April 3, 1939, Public Law 18 was passed which aloud the Army Air Corps to become larger. This law aloud African Americans to do more with their military careers. On January 16, 1941 the War Department announced the 99th Pursuit Squadron. This was an all black flying unit where they trained at Tuskegee Institute located in Tuskegee, Alabama. Charles A. Anderson taught himself how to fly on his own, an created a training program at the Institute in 1939. From 1941 to 1946, over 2,000 African Americans completed the training at the institute. Over half of those men were qualified as pilots. They were soon known to be named the Tuskegee Airmen. During the war, the 99th Pursuit Squadron flew over the Mediterranean and Europe as bomber escorts. The airmen never losted a bomber to enemy fighters. The Tuskegee Airmen changed the belief that African Americans couldn’t be responsible for military service. They played a huge part in the military that it is now.


Hi my name is Maddy H and i am in Mr. Sals period one class. I was a part of the France Empire.
My empire spent our economic points wisely. Since the Navy was a bigger part of this war and was worth a lot, we spent our economic ponts mainly on the Navy.
France made a treaty with Germany and the USA. We decided to make an alliance with them becuase we wanted to defeat the other Empires, so we decided to all join together and take over the rest of the Empires. Between our treaties we did not break any of them.
I am very please with our countries outcome. Between our alliances with the other countries, we defeated the other countries and won the game. I would not have done anything differently about this project becuase my country defeated the rest of them and won.
Yes i have a better understanding of what diplomacy means. You have to go over and be able to promise other countries things that you won’t break and make alliances with people.

Child Labor

Hi my name is Maddy H and I am in Mr. Sals period one 20th century class. The topic that i chose was child labor. In the 1900’s child labor was used. It had its ups and downs.
Child labor was sometimes a good thing. The children would work to support there family and help raise money. Also children that are orphans get to make something so that they do not become sick and die becuase they don’t have anything.
Child labor was also a bad thing. Some of the work that children did at such a young age was dangerous. Even though they were supporting their family, it was very dangerous and not always did they live threw it.
So child lagbor had its pros and cons in the 1900’s.


Hi my name is Maddyh. in Mr. Sals period one 20th century class. In this class I would like to learn about how all the wars started and I would like to learn about The Great Depression because thos are things that have happened and change the world as it is now. I would also like to about some technology. I would like to be able to use the iPods a lot faster and understand all the different apps there are to use