Paige’s Class Expectations

Hi i’m Paige. I am a freshman at NBHS. In period 5 civics I expect to learn about maps, the world, history, and the government. Why do I want to learn about this stuff? I want to learn about this stuff because it’s cool, interesting, and sometimes really fun. It’s cool because, you get to look at so much amazing stuff such as maps and stuff similar. It is interesting because you get to learn and listen to a lot of stuff! It can be fun because you use i-pods and you can also do projects with your friends.  I am very  good with computers, other than that i do not know much about technology.  I would like to learn some more stuff about technology especially the i-pod touches.  This is what i expect to learn about in my ninth grade period 5 civics class.

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Hi, my name is Paige. I am a Senior at NBHS. I love to play soccer, it is my life.

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