Fiscal Crisis

A fiscal crisis is also known as a budget crisis. In my opinion, this is pretty stupid. This means that there is no budget that anyone can agree on. So, what there won’t be money for the states? I believe, that the prior presidents and senates are to blame for the fiscal crisis. The republicans are back in control and Obama is massively over spending. Canter promised to “play hard ball” with the White House and Obama. They are trying to prepare the republicans for the ways of Washington. They are trying to get tax, medicare, and health insurance lowered. If spending does not get cut, the republicans will push the issue. The republicans feel it can trigger a depression. Canter’s threat was pretty serious. The markets reacted horribly, it was almost like they didn’t react at all. All the talks were kept secret. President and speaker tried to work things out, but they could not find something to agree on. The debts just keep on rising.


Yes, I would consider being a telecommuter if it was offered in my career choice. I would make this decision because, it would save me money. Instead of eating out everyday, I could bring my own lunch. I wouldn’t have as far of a drive, which would save me money on gas. Which is an option, considering how high gas prices are. Also, another benefit to telecommuting is that I get weekends and holidays off. Therefore, telecommuting will save me both time and money.

Stock Market Game Post 1

The stocks that I bought are, Buffalo Wild Wings, Fed Ex, Priceline, and Apple. I bought them because they are big profit companies and make money. At first, I wasn’t making any money, I was in the negatives for a while, now I’m in the positives, gaining money!

I plan on using my phone and iPad to to play this game.

At first my thoughts about this game were that it is really dumb because, I didn’t understand it and thought it was pointless. Now, its beginning to make a little more sense to me. I’m beginning to understand the concept of this. I think the concept of this game is to, learn that you may or may not make money on everything you buy or sell.

Stock Market Game Post 2

My portfolio is doing pretty good now, I am gaining money. I am gaining money very slowly, but my gains are going up. At first, I was not gaining any money. I was not gaining anything for probably about the first week.

I have pretty much all my money left. I have only bought 4 stocks.

I have not made any trades this week, or any week at all.

Remember the Titans

When Coach Yoast lost his Hall of Fame nomination, he was upset. He did not let losing the Hall of Fame affect his coaching,or affect the players of the team. Sheryl was the most upset about, her dad losing the Hall of Fame. After, the Titans won the Championship Game Coach Boone said to Coach Yoast “You’ll always be in the Hall of Fame in my books Coach”. Sheryl agreed and Coach Yoast,Sheryl,Coach Boone & the whole Titans team were all in there own Hall of Fame!

Skype Chat with Hichem

If we were to have another Skype chat with someone from another country I would everything the same . I would ask the same exact questions . I would ask what the weather is like so, you know if its always hot, rainy, & cold . So, if you wanted to visit that Country then you would have the right clothes and you will be prepared for all weather !

About Me

My names Paige, I am a Freshman at New Brighton High School. I am a very active person who always has to be outside. I play all sports, hangout with my friends, text, sit on Facebook, babysit, and play with my baby brother Camron. Most people say I’m funny, I joke around a lot. I love the Penguins and Steelers. When it comes to food I am a very picky person. I like pizza, subs, roast, steak, chicken, pork chops, bacon, and Macaroni and Cheese. This is a little summary of what I do basically everyday.

Paige’s Class Expectations

Hi i’m Paige. I am a freshman at NBHS. In period 5 civics I expect to learn about maps, the world, history, and the government. Why do I want to learn about this stuff? I want to learn about this stuff because it’s cool, interesting, and sometimes really fun. It’s cool because, you get to look at so much amazing stuff such as maps and stuff similar. It is interesting because you get to learn and listen to a lot of stuff! It can be fun because you use i-pods and you can also do projects with your friends.  I am very  good with computers, other than that i do not know much about technology.  I would like to learn some more stuff about technology especially the i-pod touches.  This is what i expect to learn about in my ninth grade period 5 civics class.