Hello, I am Adam R period 9 Sal’s 20th Century. My topic is immigration and I will be talking about how illegal immigrants made things more difficult for Americans by over population and jobs being filled in a tough time.
In the 20th Century immigrants were working in factories illegally and there were a great number of them and they took jobs and homes away from legal citizens. Immigration was also bad because they drastically rose the population. Between 1880 and 1920 25 million immigrants entered the United States.
People tried to think of answers to fix this problem because there were too many people. One idea was to have a quota so they tried to keep the rate of immigrants coming in down. This was thought of by commities all around places with large amounts of immigrants. In modern times the state of Arizona made a law that any immigrant had to have their permit for their citizenship in the United States. This law wasn’t passed however. Their idea was not passed by the court because one judge voted against the idea to lower immigration rates in the United States.

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