Royal Wedding vs. Bin Laden Death

The Royal Wedding is a very cultural event that interests everyone in the United States. It is a very news covered event so everyone is informed of what is happening. But, in the same week one of the biggest terrorists that the US have been looking for for many years was killed. Osama Bin Laden was killed and I believe this is going to be a more news covered event. Even though the Royal Wedding is very big news the death of a major terrorist is going to have more media attention because of the amount of importance or even danger because of certain retalliation that might be given by supporters of Bin Laden. In the end though I believe that the death of Bin Laden should be given more attention because it could give information if there is danger in case of retalliation. Also this is big news and many people are going to be happy because of his death.

World War I Game

Hello my name is Adam R from period 9. Our country was the Austrian Hungarian Empire. Our country didn’t make it far in the game but we stil made an attempt at winning.
We spent on our economy points mostly on navy or industry because we needed navy for attacking and they counted as two a piece and industry because we got more economic points. It was a good idea in the long run because if we were defeated to a country they can’t take your industry or navy only your colonies so we didn’t invest in any of those.
We made treaties with Great Britain, and USA. They both had good economic points and navy so we made treaties with them.
We never broke any treaites but people broke treaties with us. Thank you by the way. It was acceptable though because we were going into war and had no chance so they would lose their colonies.
I am not at all pleased by our countries outcome because we had to forfeit or we would not have made it anywhere because we were getting into wars left and right.
I would not have declared wars with so many people because then you are the one to be taken down and you lose way faster.
I do have a better understanding of how diplomacy works because if your country is the one that no one likes then you are going to be in wars and people will be angry at you.


Hello, I am Adam R period 9 Sal’s 20th Century. My topic is immigration and I will be talking about how illegal immigrants made things more difficult for Americans by over population and jobs being filled in a tough time.
In the 20th Century immigrants were working in factories illegally and there were a great number of them and they took jobs and homes away from legal citizens. Immigration was also bad because they drastically rose the population. Between 1880 and 1920 25 million immigrants entered the United States.
People tried to think of answers to fix this problem because there were too many people. One idea was to have a quota so they tried to keep the rate of immigrants coming in down. This was thought of by commities all around places with large amounts of immigrants. In modern times the state of Arizona made a law that any immigrant had to have their permit for their citizenship in the United States. This law wasn’t passed however. Their idea was not passed by the court because one judge voted against the idea to lower immigration rates in the United States.

My class expectations

Adam r In 20th century I am very interested in learning about what kind of wars were going on. Also I really want to know about the Great Depression, how it came to be and how did we get out of it. The technology is new and confusing but I am slowly learning how to use it. One of my concerns is with power and if it goes out I won’t be able to access my blog. But it is interesting so I like it.

My class expectations

In 20th century I want to learn about what kind of wars went on during the 1900’s. Also I’m very interested in how the Great Depression came to be and how it was ended. The new technology is kind of confusing but I am understanding it. I want to know more about this blog and Edmodo. Adam R.