World War I Game

Hello my name is Adam R from period 9. Our country was the Austrian Hungarian Empire. Our country didn’t make it far in the game but we stil made an attempt at winning.
We spent on our economy points mostly on navy or industry because we needed navy for attacking and they counted as two a piece and industry because we got more economic points. It was a good idea in the long run because if we were defeated to a country they can’t take your industry or navy only your colonies so we didn’t invest in any of those.
We made treaties with Great Britain, and USA. They both had good economic points and navy so we made treaties with them.
We never broke any treaites but people broke treaties with us. Thank you by the way. It was acceptable though because we were going into war and had no chance so they would lose their colonies.
I am not at all pleased by our countries outcome because we had to forfeit or we would not have made it anywhere because we were getting into wars left and right.
I would not have declared wars with so many people because then you are the one to be taken down and you lose way faster.
I do have a better understanding of how diplomacy works because if your country is the one that no one likes then you are going to be in wars and people will be angry at you.

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