Trusts in the Industry

My name is Terrance T. and I’m in Mr. Sal’s 20th Century history class period 9. I’m going to talk about Trust which is a combination of companies that dominate an industry so kinda like an unfair competition in the industry and the pros and cons that they cause. Also some of the solutions to help deal with these problems along with the some of the people responsible for the solutions.

The cons of trust are very simple. One was simply that businesses with enough money would eventually buyout Other businesses and leave people jobless in doing so if the business screwed up the stocks there could be another great depression. A a pro is that some of the large companies provided benefits to it’s workers and consumers like lowering the cost of producing goods to being able to afford development and use new machinery. Benefits are done to this day in most jobs to get workers.

Another con was that the money from trust may have given companies the ability to be more efficient but had a heavier price on us with increasing human suffering such as urban growth and over populization with no space.

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