World War 1 Game

Hello my name is Zachary W. from Mr.Sal’s period 6 20th Century class. I was part of Great Britain in the World War One Game.
In the World War One Game we spent most of our economic points on buliding our Navy for defense and some on a Army. A Navy is critical in any country for war or battle. In real life a Navy is good for Great Britain, becasue they are surrounded by water and have to have a good Naval defense. Our team made treaties with the Austrian-Hungarian Empire becasue they had a good Naval defense as well. We also came to terms with the Ottoman Empire to because they had a good amount of colonies. We broke our first treaty at the beginning of the game with Austiran-Hungarian Empire becasue we knew they were not as strong as us, and becasue they would rely on us for various protection. But they got stronger at the end. I am pleased with the way we governed our country becasue in the end we won the ultimate goal which was the War. We beat the U.S.A., Russia, and Germany. The only thing that we should have done more of was buy more colonies becasue that is what we lacked in. I think that I did not have a better understanding of diplomacy becasue I did not really pay attention in the game as much as I should have and I learn from a book better than I do at a game.

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