World War I Simulation Game

Hello, I’m Amanda G. from Sal’s period nine class and our alliance dominated over all the classes. Our alliance was France, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire; I was part of the Ottoman Empire. I found the World War I simulation game to entertaining as well as needing to take a strategic approach to the game.

We spent our economic points, otherwise claimed as money, on mainly Navy. I feel that by spending the majority of our economic points on Navy, we upped our chances of winning because Navy was always doubled when total points were added up. What we had started doing was using all but one on Navy, and the extra would be used on Industry; in order to gain extra economic points.

We, as the Ottoman Empire, decided that treaties would be what made us the best. We created treaties with both Germany and France; neither of them broke their sides of the treaties, and in return we kept ours. By creating and maintaining this alliance, we ultimately won over all of the other classes.

I’m very pleased with my country’s outcome, as well as our whole group. I’m sure we’re all glad that we won in our class, let alone over all of Mr. Sal’s 20th Century classes. I, personally, doubt that we would’ve done anything differently had we the chance to go back and do it over again with the knowledge we gained during it. I don’t see a reason that we would change things we did, since we won.

I believe I have a better understanding of how diplomacy works in the world. I believe this because as we went through the game, we had to plan things, as well as take into consideration what other countries/teams were doing.

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