My name is Danielle W and I am in period one of 20th century history class. Recently we played a World War I simulation game and I was a part of the Great Britain Empire.
This game was a simulation of the countries that were participating in World War 1. My Empire spent most of the economic points that were given to us on the navy. We spent most of our points on this because it would make our country stronger and able to fight others attacking us. The people in my group and I made treaties with Russia and Austria –Hungary. We choose there to particular countries because we wanted to beat the US, and Russia was strong with both their economy and military. Austria-Hungary was just a country that was in need of help because unlike Great Britain and Russia they are not as strong as everyone else were bound to be defeated. Our country did not break any treaties and we stayed loyal to everyone, even though they did not stay loyal to us. Even though we did not win the final war I am proud with our outcome because we fought to the very end and did defeat a lot of the other countries. If our group could have done anything different I would have spent less on the navy and more on industries, but otherwise I would have kept the treaties with the same country and everything. I better understand diplomacy now because of this game, because now I understand the war and how the navy and industries work more into what is going on between them.

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