Osama Bin Laden, dead. Danielle W

Osama Bin Laden is known to be the worst terrorist attack on US soil. Osama was in Pakistan in a compound that he was believed to be staying in when the US soldiers killed him. After a short firefight the US took position of his body. The death of this man is going to receive more news coverage then the royal wedding would because it has more to do with America. Unlike Osama’s death the royal wedding has no real significance to what goes on in our everyday life, Osama has been a great threat to the US and now that he is dead there is not much of a scare of another attack on US soil. Some people believe that since he is dead that the war is going to end, but only time can tell.

Tuskegee Airmen

In 1941 during World War II the US Congresses forced the Army Air Corps to form an all black combat unit. Despite the disagreements in forming the 99th fighter squadron, men came from all over to Tuskegee institute creating the first all black fighter squadron.
Most men didn’t agree, and thought that the black airmen were incompetent of fighting a war and doing their jobs. “They said we didn’t have the intelligence, the demeanor, (or) the courage to be combat pilots. They learned differently. It was never about color; it was always about education and opportunity. All we needed was a chance and training. And we seized it when it came.” -unknown. Until men started to realize that these airmen were just as good if not better at completing their missions then most white men, did they begin to accept the help from the 99th fighter squadron.


My name is Danielle W and I am in period one of 20th century history class. Recently we played a World War I simulation game and I was a part of the Great Britain Empire.
This game was a simulation of the countries that were participating in World War 1. My Empire spent most of the economic points that were given to us on the navy. We spent most of our points on this because it would make our country stronger and able to fight others attacking us. The people in my group and I made treaties with Russia and Austria –Hungary. We choose there to particular countries because we wanted to beat the US, and Russia was strong with both their economy and military. Austria-Hungary was just a country that was in need of help because unlike Great Britain and Russia they are not as strong as everyone else were bound to be defeated. Our country did not break any treaties and we stayed loyal to everyone, even though they did not stay loyal to us. Even though we did not win the final war I am proud with our outcome because we fought to the very end and did defeat a lot of the other countries. If our group could have done anything different I would have spent less on the navy and more on industries, but otherwise I would have kept the treaties with the same country and everything. I better understand diplomacy now because of this game, because now I understand the war and how the navy and industries work more into what is going on between them.

Hi its Danielle W from period one. Child labor is a form of labor preformed by young people at a young age. Although child labor is not illegal everywhere it is frowned upon in many countries. In the 19th century child labor was because of mainly the industrial revolution, families could not support themselves, and the rise of immigration. Now in the 20th century the main cause is the lack of family income and the desire to have the money.
Both in the 19th century and the 20th century child labor is a severe problem. The enforcement of young kids working is mostly a problem in Europe, asia, and south america. Throughout the ears child labor has been brought to the attention of people aroundthe world and is currently trying to be stopped. Children should not have to work till a certain age and unless they are willing to do so.

My blog

Hi my name is Danielle W and I’m in period 1 20th century history. Something that I would like to learn is about is WW1 because I had family in that war and I’m in history and film which talks alot about the wars. Also I would like to learn about the veitnam war because it seems very interesting. Something that I would like to learn about technology is with the iPods. Although I already own an iPod touch I can learn things further into it. Another thing I would like to learn about is edmodo it seems as though it could be very interesting and help if I miss a day of school.