Tuskegee Airmen

In 1941 during World War II the US Congresses forced the Army Air Corps to form an all black combat unit. Despite the disagreements in forming the 99th fighter squadron, men came from all over to Tuskegee institute creating the first all black fighter squadron.
Most men didn’t agree, and thought that the black airmen were incompetent of fighting a war and doing their jobs. “They said we didn’t have the intelligence, the demeanor, (or) the courage to be combat pilots. They learned differently. It was never about color; it was always about education and opportunity. All we needed was a chance and training. And we seized it when it came.” -unknown. Until men started to realize that these airmen were just as good if not better at completing their missions then most white men, did they begin to accept the help from the 99th fighter squadron.

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