comparing the wedding and Osama

Hi this is Patrick and here is my blog post on comparing the wedding and Osama. Osama is a very important death that the US did. Osama did many horrible things to the United States and he desirved to die. The wedding also had a huge impact on the United States as well. The wedding in my opinion was less important than the death of Usama. There were so many people that thought the wedding was so special but it really has no affect on us at all. The are in England helping them with there problems and they really dont care about what were doing so why should we have so much interest in this wedding. That is just my opinion but alot of people actually cared alot about the wedding. Osama actually had something to do with the United States because he did many horrible things to us. He was just a horrible person and they should have killed him a long time ago.

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