Japanese American Internment Video Comparison by Ariel N

The first video is about the Internment of Japanese Americans by the United States Government. The message this video was trying to convey is the Japanese were happy where they were placed. The Japanese Americans were not happy. They were not allowed out of their camps. I would not be happy. I do not believe that it tells an accurate portrayal of The Japanese Americans. The video shows them as happy and demonstrates them having free will. They had free will inside the camp because it was gated shut. They could not go anywhere else. At one point the video justified that they left back everything they built, lived, and or bought. If that were me I would have not been “happy” as the video said i would have been miserable if i were in such certain circumstances. I am quite sure they weren’t either. The video also established that an army practically built their camps within 24-hours. There was no way the camps were suitable for the children. The video also confirms that it was a racetrack filt with 17,00 persons/people the place had to have been so congested. They were used to living in the US, then being all squished together is a drastic change. They had to have been uncomfortable. I would be.

The second video is the complete opposite of the first one. This one shows how miserable the Japanese Americans were. I do absolutely agree this video is an accurate/honest portrayal. I think this because they truly stated what was happening at the camps. One of the first things the video establishes that they were surrounded by barbed wire and guard traps. They were technically imprisoned. From my perspective, that is what happened in real time. Judging from the video that was not what they were told would happen. The video also states that all families where given a small one room apartment, blanket, and a small heating stove, if there was a big family there would be no room, they would all be squashed together and i would not like that even with my family. The video also justifies that they were under 24-hour surveillance. They are being watched like ‘cats and dogs’ and have zero privacy. Privacy is a really good thing to have. It makes people feel a lot more comfortable, they already had to have been uncomfortable from moving and pushed together. I can only imagine. This video establishes that the Japanese Americans were not home for 3 years and when they got back all their belongings were gone. They had nothing left. I would have expected to not have much or that my home could have potentially been someone else’s.The sad thing was the government knew what they were putting them into, they knew that they would go homeless and not have food they knew they wouldn’t have been able to help or support them. I feel like if I was put in that situation that I likely would have gone somewhere else. 

Based on how the government painted a rosy and happy picture about it, we have learned it wasn’t all ‘rainbows’. In my opinion the second video is more of an accurate portrayal of what happened to The Japanese americans. The events shown in video 2 are more realistic.

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