Japanese Internment Video Comparison by Auri S

This video by the US government is trying to convey that the Japanese Americans were happy. This video was published by the government. I disagree that this video shows a true portrayal of what happened. The video states that they are happy that could be true but they only showed the kids, the kids probably do not know what is happening. The video also states that there was freedom there was no freedom they were only allowed out of their house and to walk around the camp. The video states the army built the camp overnight. The kids there were probably okay with it but it may have been unsuitable  

The second video was made after World War 2. It shows the full effect of internment on Japanese americans. It was more accurate because it showed how they were actually being treated, they were ripped out of their houses, put into camps and were watched by armed guards. Many of them when they went home there was nothing left on the properties.

The second video is more accurate because everything wasn’t all sweet and kind, a lot went down when they were ripped from their homes and forced to do stuff they didn’t want to do. The second video showed events that seemed more accurate.

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