Japanese Internment Video Comparison by Lexi B.

In the first video I think the message they were trying to convey was that what the “japanese-americans” had to go through and showing us where they lived,work etc. In my opinion I don’t think they gave an accurate portrayal of the japanese-americans because of negative stereotypes,propaganda, and lack of understanding. First,Japanese Americans were depicted as disloyal and untrustworthy, which made them think that they posed a threat to national security. Two, the US used propaganda to vilify japanese-americans and created fear among the general population. Three, Japanese-Americans were put in camps based solely on their ethnicity, taking away their rights and freedom. Four, Japanese-Americans faced discrimination and were marginalized in various aspects of life. Five, Many Americans had limited knowledge of Japanese culture so not many Americans understood them and it gave off an inaccurate representation of Japanese americans. 

            In the second video the message was telling us about other stuff like what happened when the japanese american got released. I think this was more accurate because they said more negative things. They talk about how the asian immigrants were a threat. There were cries from the government. Their homes were small. When they were moved to isolation camps the weather was very harsh, they were surrounded by barbed wire and guard towers.

              In my opinion I think the first video was more accurate then the second. It had more details about the Japanese americans. It talks about how they were sent there and what they did when they were in the camps unlike the second video only talked about the story that is basically posted on google.

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