Japanese Internment Video Comparison by Jazmine B

The first video was put up by the US Government. They were afraid that the Japanese forces would try to invade the United States. They were also afraid that the Japanese-Americans were going to be unloyal and cause problems, so they decided to move them. The government was uncertain about what was going to happen, so they put the plan in action to prevent possible incidents..The government was willing to move Japanese Americans to these camps, but they were forced to leave behind their shops and houses. The government built camps and tried to create communities with church services and fishing areas before moving the people in. Even though the Japanese Americans were forced to live in these camps, they tried to make communities for themselves by building schools and hospitals. Parents and grandparents of those in the camps often supported and undertook the cost. It was a prologue of a new story, a new employment to enjoy the freedom and the good of the United States, even if it was against their will.

As the second video indicates, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the government believed that it became necessary to transfer thousands of Japanese Americans to camps. The government did this to show that they were still in charge and still had control over the situation. The Japanese Americans were mostly taken from their homes on the Pacific Coast and moved to internment camps inland. If the Japanese were going to invade the Pacific coast, the government wanted to make sure that Japanese Americans did not get the upper hand and help the enemy. Although the camps were not as bad as the Japanese and Germans torture camps, the government never really helped the people in the camp that much. I think that the video does not give an accurate portrayal of Japanese Americans because they did not let those people themselves tell their stories or show us what they were thinking at the time.  

 The  second video is more accurate. The government was important and they wanted to be more in charge and take over people’s homes and move them.  They wanted the people to agree with what they were doing, so they made everything sound good. The second video told the full story. The government didn’t know everything was gonna get looted and the second video was told at a more recent date, so they had more information.


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