Japanese Internment Video Comparison by Alaina B


In the first video, it explains why Japanese citizens were placed into internment camps. There was an attack on Pearl Harbor and everyone was scared of the Japanese, and felt as if they were being threatened by them. In this video, the government tried to get the Japanese to volunteer and go to these camps so that he could say that they all willingly went to the camps themselves. The video was made by the US government, so it tried to justify what we were putting the Japanese people through, even though they were innocent. This video didn’t completely explain things well,and was trying to share the message that the Japanese were all bad. I think that what the government was doing was completely wrong, and he was trying to make it seem like all Japanese people were bad because of Pearl Harbor. 


In this video. It shows that the internment camps were started way before the attacks, due to them breaking laws that got them banned from the country. The government thinks that since some people were bad, everyone else from that area is bad too. That’s why the remaining people who made it to America were placed into these internment camps. The Government wanted to get rid of all the Japanese people, even the ones that were American citizens. Residents had to sell their belongings and homes for money. I think that this video is trying to explain that the Japanese were not all bad and that the government put all these people through stuff for nothing, by showing and explaining everything that was happening to them.   


 I think that the second video tells the most accurate version of the event with the Japanese, and japanese-americans. It explains more than video 1. It explains how the people placed into camps were American citizens. It shows a lot of information on the internment camps. It show s that the camps were isolated, and in places with horrible weather. The places were blocked off with fences, and wire so that nobody could leave. The people were limited to very small spaces and often got sick, with security. It explains how they were serving during ww2 to try and get out of it. The first video is just trying to explain how the Japanese were mostly bad. Overall I think that the second video definitely explains things better.

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