Japanese Internment Video Comparison by Jamarkus M

The first video is the Japanese people being moved to the US. At first, the Japanese were located too close to naval bases. There was a fear of Japanese invasion. Japanese people had to move and fill out paper work. The government helped them and US army helped them and the Japanese cooperated. First video made it seem peaceful. It had happy music in the background and showed Japanese people exploring new land and it seemed like they were getting a good education and America wanted to help them stay healthy.

The second video also had peaceful music too but started by talking about how America didn’t want the Japanese. It said that they had to be in camps that were in small apartments. They didn’t have privacy. The weather was bad and it was surrounded by barbed wire. This video made it out like the Japanese did more on their own and that America did not like them. They were homeless once they were allowed out of the camp and the government didn’t help for 40 years.

I think it was more like the second video because people were still mad after the bombing. I think it was more violent and people’s homes did get robbed. I don’t think America really helped the Japanese people like the first video showed.

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