Japanese Internment Video Comparison by Mason S

The general idea of the first video was talking about how Japanese-Americans
were relocated to camps. This was due to the fact that they were in the way of the US
Military. The US government built camps for them to live in. I think the video was trying to show how much the US cares about other countries, when in reality, they just wanted them out of the way. In the video, it also talks about how the Japanese-Americans left their shops and buildings abandoned to come to the US, how the Japanese-American fishermen were “watching” the boats, and that the Japanese-American farmers were watching the airfields. I don’t believe that the Japanese-Americans were watching our resources because the Japanese-Americans have frankly no reason to watch us. I also don’t think that it was right for the US government to relocate them because they were worried about them “watching” us.

The second video was about how the US relocated the Japanese-Americans
because they were being disloyal to the US. In the video, it said that immigrants were
viewed as economic threats. For that reason, US citizens banned new immigrants. The
US government established permanent camps, which held 120,000 Japanese
americans, 2/3 of them were native born. The US government forced them to sell their homes and belongings. The camp was surrounded by harsh weather, barbed wire, and watch towers. I think that this is very over the top. First of all, to make them abandon their life in America, and then to put them in a locked up, surveilled area is messed up. The “building” they lived in had one room with constant surveillance, one cot, one blanket, and a very small stove.

After watching both of the videos, the second video is more believable. The US
government is known to be able to do and say what they want, for all of the resources
they need. They also hide everything they do very well, making it easy to get away with the wrong things they do. In the first video, they claim that they gave them a nice place to live with job opportunities. It also mentions that they had to abandon their
buildings/belongings. In the second video, it tells us that they abandoned everything and were forced to move to the camps for being “disloyal” to the US.

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