Japanese Internment Video Comparison by Ameera W

     The message that the first video is trying to convey is when the Japanese come over to America for the first time and then will soon begin to build schools and other useful things. They enjoyed the freedom and were new to the land, the land was untouched and raw. I believe the Japanese -Americans are accurate in their portrayal of them, they are known to be respectful and hardworking, and loyal, just like how the japanese americans helped serve during world war 2, they helped build schools, teach/take care of children, they take care of the injured or sick. 

        For the second video, the japanese were able to help during the war, making camps and houses for them, the japanese were forced to sell their businesses, they lived in a one room place with little privacy and guards everywhere.  Young men came forth to join the military, nearly 33,000 Japanese-American soldiers.  One of the presidents made the japanese-americans able to live there for good. The video shows how the japanese were treated, they were treated like slaves at the beginning and soon later were not, people made it seem the japanese were weird or odd and not trustworthy. When they wanted to go back their homes were trashed and belongings gone and felt homeless.      

          I believe the second video shows more how they were treated and more accurate visions too. The Japanese were brought over to help with the war, and tons of families were made to work for them and lost their homes. They helped with the war, the women were teaching the children, they helped the ill and etc. they did a lot for this country but so little was reconsidered by others.

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