Japanese Internment Video Comparison by Callie S

The United States perspective on the Japanese Internment was that they were helping
the Japanese and doing them a “big favor”. The US had claimed there were more Japanese in LA than anywhere else in the world. In the video the US also said that since the Japanese could watch our every move, we had to move them. They evacuated all Japanese from their “harsh critical locations” very quickly. While most of these Japanese people were US born citizens. This video does not portray the correct story of the Japanese Internment because of the lies of what the United States claimed to do.

The Japanese perspective was a lot different from the United States. The Japanese-
Americans just wanted a safe place to live/work in. 2 out of 3 native born Americans were banned because of their race. They were seen as economic threats and nothing good. FDR signed order 9066 which meant the US army can exclude any or all persons from an area.  Residents were forced to sell their belongings for little money. 33,000 Japanese still served in. the US army, but whenever they were home, all of their possessions were looted. Many. Japanese became homeless because of this. This video does portray the correct story of the. Japanese Internment because it showed the Japanese people’s side of the story and showed. what they actually went through.

I believe that the Japanese Americans side portrayed a better example of what
happened during the internment. I believe that because in the first video with the Americans telling their side of the story, it was all about helping in their eyes. In the second video with the Japanese’s side it shows what the Japanese-Americans experienced during the interment. It shows that the US “helping” was actually just demolishing their homes and everything they worked so hard for.

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