Japanese Internment Video Comparison by Tyler M

The US’s view on the Japanese was that they were helping and doing them a big favor.The US claimed that there were more Japanese in LA then any other place in the world.The video also stated that since the Japanese could see everything we were doing we had to move them.They moved all Japanese from the bad locations quickly. A lot of people were born there. The video doesn’t describe the correct story of the Japanese because of the lies the US claimed.

The Japanese were a lot different from the US. The japanese- Americans just wanted a place to live. ⅔ of the people were banned because of their race. They saw them as threats and nothing good. They were demanded to sell their belongings.33,000 Japanese still served in the US army, but when they weren’t home they took all of their stuff. Many Japanese were left without homes at this point.

In my opinion the first video had more information. It said how they had to move all the japanese. They said that there were so many people in LA. The Japanese did us a big favor. 

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