Japanese Internment Video Comparison by Alex L


The message the video conveys is the Japanese being required to move and put into camps.  The portrayal of Japanese they show in the video I believe is accurate because most of the Japanese were not full Japanese, their stuff was left behind and most of their houses were raided. Leaving them feeling poor and hopeless when they get back from the camps


The  message this video conveys is that the Japanese were hated after Pearl Harbor and putting them in camps. The portrayal of the Japanese was accurate because it showed pictures of them and where they were living even with little to no hope young Japanese still were joining the army and showed that after three years they were still alive.

I believe the second video portrays a more accurate representation of the Japanese at that time. It shows more images of where they lived in those camps and more about what shops they had and where they lived before they were put in camps.

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