Osama Bin Laden

I am Erica from Sal’s period 9 20th Century. As we all know, Osama Bin Laden has been declared dead. Because of this many places around the world have highered security in fear of retaliation. I believe that there could be some kind of attack. However, the United States is pretty secured, as of right now. Also, if Osama was the best leader that they had then I really dont think they could do too much harm. The U.S. basically has alot of control over the world.

World War I Simulation Game

Hello. My name is Erica, I am in Mr. Salvucci’s 9th period 20th Century Class. Last Week in class we played a World War I Simulation Game. Each group had three to four people in a group. Each group was assigned a country or empire. The concept of the game was to fight other world countries to take over they’re things and to get the overall highest score between all the groups competing in the game. The country i was apart of was France.

To start the game out, each group gas given a random amoun of points along with their country. You had to put your economic points into either navy, army, colonies, or industries. Increasing your industries amd your colonies gave you economic points you were able to spend in the next round through. Also, all navy points were doubled. One day in class was considered one year for your country or empire. In order to make your empire stronger you had too increase your navy and army. My group spent the most points on the navy so we could have double and if we had to end up in war we would defeat the other countries.

Each country was able make treaties with other countries. The treaties must be signed by the country you were to side with. However, a treaty could be broken so you had too make sure you trusted who you were taking sides with. While in a treaty countries could share economic points, army, and navy. We made a treaty with Outtoman and Great Britian and we stuck with them until the end.

I was fairly deffinately pleased with my countries outcome. Although, our country started out weak we made it fairly strong over time and we had strong allies as well. My country went to was only one time and we lost. Towards the end of the game, a country forfitted and gave France everything they had. This gave us a huge advantage but we decided not to go to war with anyone in the class. France ended up crushing all classes points.

Throughout this whole game I have acquired a better understanding of diplomacy. In a real life situation like this you would need to be very careful who you made treaties with and who you could trust. Some countries may be stronger, but they may try to back stab you in the end. All in all, this WWI game was a fun and educational way to help us understand what it takes too build a strong nation and who you can trust when it comes to war.

Social Problems

Hello! My name is Erica from Sal’s period 9 20th Century class. Social problems were deffinately a huge issue during the early 1900’s. At this time, jobs paid so poorly that people started finding other ways to increase their income. Almost all of these ways were illegal. All of these problems were widespread and increased as the years came along. Some of the illegal actions included; gambling, robbery, prostitiution, and selling illegal drugs. As the cities population increased, the violence also increased. Gang fights and murder also had a great impact on people’s lives. Not only were these problems, but many other things as well. While all of these things were going on, there wasn’t even enough police officers of firefighters.
Sinclair and Rauschenbusch were two of the people who tried to solve these social problems. They tried to solve these issues by focusing on problems that they saw firsthand or had a personal oppinion on. Their ideas to solve the issues was to confront and emphasize the problems. These problems did not work. One reason for this is because there is still many of these issues today. There may not be as many but these issues are not completly fixed.

20th century class expectations.

My name is Erica Stone and I am in Sal’s period 9 20th century class. In this class I would like to leabr many things whether its on historical events or about technology. One thing that interests me in the twentieth century is World War 2. Another very interstesting thing I would love to learn more about is the Holocaust. These two things would easily catch my attention and I feel that there is a wide range of discussion on these two important events. Now, I may know a little bit about technology but i feel like there is so much out there for me to learn. I wouldn’t say I work great with ipods but i would really like to atleast, learn the basics of the ipod touch. Some things that would improve my understanding of the ipods is if things were explained a little bit more and if we didn’t move on in a fast pace. I can not wait to see what there is to come in the class of 20th century. This is going to be a great class and I want to learn as much as I can.