Tuskegee Airman

Austin, from Mr. Sal’s Period 6 20th century

The Tuskegee Airman came to be when the army air core decided to experiment with colored pilots and there effectiveness, what they found amazed them. Not only could the Tuskegee Airman fly they excelled at it quickly becoming one of the best fighter battalions in the air core. Thought they were excellent pilots they still received controversy from the states. Some saw the colored battalion as a weakness and sought to have it terminated. This did not deter the pilots of the 99th. The 99th soon proved its effectiveness in battle when they rescued an allied bomber and shot down the enemy aircraft pursuing it. The 99th was soon after requested by bomber squadrons because of there effectiveness and ability to keep the bombers in the air. The 99th pursuit squadron better known as the, Tuskegee Airman, were an elite group of army air core pilots. There major setback at the time was that they were colored.  Most White pilots saw this and accepted the 99th as a squadron due to there abilities as pilots. These airmen not only were fighting for freedom but also they were fighting for desegregation in the states. These men of the 99th paved the way for colored men in the air core and showed the masses that colored men were as capable as white men. The legacy of the Tuskegee Airman continues as they were the first black pilots and will always be remember as such.

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