Osama Bin Laden

This is Austin Form pd 6 20th.�On May 1’st 2011�Osama bin Laden�was confirmed dead in a compound in Pakistan. Throught the joint efforts of the JSOC operatives and the pakistinian military Osama bin Laden was found and killed. The reaction to his death in the United States is generally good althought some people see it as point less. I see his death as a major moral booster for the troups of the united states and all of america as a whole. Eaven thought this is a great victory there will still be turmoil in pakistan and aginst the US from supporters of al qaeda.

Tuskegee Airman

Austin, from Mr. Sal’s Period 6 20th century

The Tuskegee Airman came to be when the army air core decided to experiment with colored pilots and there effectiveness, what they found amazed them. Not only could the Tuskegee Airman fly they excelled at it quickly becoming one of the best fighter battalions in the air core. Thought they were excellent pilots they still received controversy from the states. Some saw the colored battalion as a weakness and sought to have it terminated. This did not deter the pilots of the 99th. The 99th soon proved its effectiveness in battle when they rescued an allied bomber and shot down the enemy aircraft pursuing it. The 99th was soon after requested by bomber squadrons because of there effectiveness and ability to keep the bombers in the air. The 99th pursuit squadron better known as the, Tuskegee Airman, were an elite group of army air core pilots. There major setback at the time was that they were colored.  Most White pilots saw this and accepted the 99th as a squadron due to there abilities as pilots. These airmen not only were fighting for freedom but also they were fighting for desegregation in the states. These men of the 99th paved the way for colored men in the air core and showed the masses that colored men were as capable as white men. The legacy of the Tuskegee Airman continues as they were the first black pilots and will always be remember as such.

WWI Game

Hello, I am Austin S. from Mr. Sal’s 6th period 20th century class. In the WWI game I was part of the German empire which was allied with the Russian empire, French empire, and the United States.
The German empire spent most of our economic points on navy and some on industry. We did this so that not only could we become a more powerful empire but also have more economic points the next round.
The German empire allied the U.S. early in the game we did this because they were a strong ally with many economic points. Later in the game we allied France because they were becoming a strong and powerful empire. Later in the game with much persuasion we brought the Russian empire into the alliance we did this because they were a very powerful empire and helped us extremely. The German empire did not break any treaties throughout the game.
I was not pleased with the outcome of the game. I was not pleased because the German empire failed to uphold its overall dominance of the other empires. What I would have done differently is to during the first six or seven rounds only buy industry and during the last few rounds buy only navy to make our nation the dominant nation of the game.
Yes, I do have a better understanding of how diplomacy works. I now know that diplomacy can be difficult and sometime quite easy. I also understand that you always have to be thinking for the better of your empire and not just the alliance. Although the alliance and allies are important it’s not as important as your own empire.


Hi this is Austin S. from 6th period 20th century. During the early 1900’s immigration was a big problem. There were as many as 25 million illegals in the country. That’s half as many people that lived in the entire country in 1880. This problem has been going on since the creation of the United States and still exists today.

Immigration in the past wasn’t as bad as it is today. Back in the early 1900’s, immigration was needed to start the country and raise the population, but it still had some bad effects on the economy. The immigrants took jobs from legal citizens and most didn’t speak English. Today immigration is a bigger problem in the collapsing economy and jobless environment causing legal citizens to have a hard time surviving.

The immigration problem has gotten so bad that we can no longer ignore it like we did in the early 1900’s. We have to start looking for a solution to the problem. There are many possible solutions for this problem. One of them is mass deportation; this is a costly way of fixing the problem, but a good idea and has been used before. Another would be to have more strict border laws and a stronger and larger boarder patrol, this will stop the flow of illegal’s into the country but not get the illegal’s already here out. Immigration will always be a problem in the United States; there is no complete solution to the ongoing problem.

My Class Expectations

Hi this is Austin S. in period 6 20th century. I would like to learn about the World Wars and the Vietnam War because I find them very interesting and want to know what our troupes faced in Normandy and Vietnam. I would also like to learn about operation Desert Storm because I find it interesting and want to know what it is like in modern warfare. I expect to learn a lot about history in the 20th century because of the class title. I expect to use the iPods and edmodo a lot this year because I think that they make class easier and more exciting. I also expect to use the blogging program because it makes writing papers fun. Writing an essay is no longer something you have to sit at a computer and do. I am excited for this school year, using this technology will make it exciting and fun.