WWI Game

Hello, I am Austin S. from Mr. Sal’s 6th period 20th century class. In the WWI game I was part of the German empire which was allied with the Russian empire, French empire, and the United States.
The German empire spent most of our economic points on navy and some on industry. We did this so that not only could we become a more powerful empire but also have more economic points the next round.
The German empire allied the U.S. early in the game we did this because they were a strong ally with many economic points. Later in the game we allied France because they were becoming a strong and powerful empire. Later in the game with much persuasion we brought the Russian empire into the alliance we did this because they were a very powerful empire and helped us extremely. The German empire did not break any treaties throughout the game.
I was not pleased with the outcome of the game. I was not pleased because the German empire failed to uphold its overall dominance of the other empires. What I would have done differently is to during the first six or seven rounds only buy industry and during the last few rounds buy only navy to make our nation the dominant nation of the game.
Yes, I do have a better understanding of how diplomacy works. I now know that diplomacy can be difficult and sometime quite easy. I also understand that you always have to be thinking for the better of your empire and not just the alliance. Although the alliance and allies are important it’s not as important as your own empire.

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