I want learn…

2 things I want to learn about 20th century…
1. About dead presidents
2. Going into space

2 things I want to learn about tech. is…
1. How to type on this Thingy
2. Learn how to use a smart board

I would like to learn about presidents because I want to know what their ideas were for the US. Also, I would like to learn about goon into space because I think that would be interesting to learn about. Along with those, I would like to learn more about the smart baord an iPods because I am not really good with technology!

20th century class expectations.

My name is Erica Stone and I am in Sal’s period 9 20th century class. In this class I would like to leabr many things whether its on historical events or about technology. One thing that interests me in the twentieth century is World War 2. Another very interstesting thing I would love to learn more about is the Holocaust. These two things would easily catch my attention and I feel that there is a wide range of discussion on these two important events. Now, I may know a little bit about technology but i feel like there is so much out there for me to learn. I wouldn’t say I work great with ipods but i would really like to atleast, learn the basics of the ipod touch. Some things that would improve my understanding of the ipods is if things were explained a little bit more and if we didn’t move on in a fast pace. I can not wait to see what there is to come in the class of 20th century. This is going to be a great class and I want to learn as much as I can.

Class expectations

Hi it’s Zach I. I would like to learn about how the government works. I think it is important to learn because when we are able to vote we should understand what we are voting for. Another expectation I have for this class is learning about our local history. I would like to know important things that happened in New Brighton. I would like to learn how to use the live scribe pen. This is because I think it’s important to learn for college. Another expectation I have for the technology is understanding the websites better. Then it will help us learn better and faster.

My Class Expectations

Hi, my name is Brandon W. and I’m in Mr. Sal’s Honors Civics class. I have many expectations for this class. I expect to learn about how our goverment works and about government documents, like how laws are passed and the Bill of Rights. I also expect to learn a lot about the technology we are using, like evernote online note taking and using blogs and edmodo. I expect these tools to help me learn more about the topic and  help me complete my various projects and homework.

My class expectations

In 20th century I want to learn about what kind of wars went on during the 1900’s. Also I’m very interested in how the Great Depression came to be and how it was ended. The new technology is kind of confusing but I am understanding it. I want to know more about this blog and Edmodo. Adam R.

My class exspectations

Hi I am Emily K . What i would like to learn in this class is something about the 2oth century. I would like to know what there lives where like and some if the thing they want though. Why I would like to learn these things is to see how much it relates to our lives today.

El Expectations

Howdy hey, Sara from Mr. Sal’s period five civics class wants to share her expectations of the class and the technology in it with all of you beautiful people. In actuality, she doesn’t want to, but has to. In any case:

As far as the class itself goes, I really only expect that we learn what our roles as citizens are and why each of them is important in the long run (definition of civics shamelessly taken from Wikipedia – what can I say, I had no idea what civics actually was) since that’s what the class is supposed to be about, and that we learn as much as the students in honors civics do. Can’t have our class learning less just because we’re ‘regular’, right?

As for the technology in the classroom, I hope that we’ll actually use all of the accounts that we created fairly often because I get annoyed when I make accounts for things I’ll never use anyway, and that we’ll learn to use a lot of things that we aren’t already familiar with (that’s already been accomplished, though, I’d never really used an iPod Touch before this class). I think that way, we will take our learning experience to the MAX!

My expectations ..

Hi, I’m Taylor and I’m in Mr. Sal’s POD class. During this year in POD, I would like to Learn about many different topics.One that i would really like to learn about would be,balancing checkbooks.Once out of high school that will be one thing that I will need to know how to do.Another thing that I would like to learn about would be,psychology.It is a topic that I think would be interesting,and would like to learn more about.I would like to learn any topics that would be very useful that i would use outside of high school.Using the iPod touches will help me get better at using technology in general.It will only help me, because i can always learn more.I have these goals and expectations because I want to learn as much as I possibly can.

Course Expectation

My name is Zack G. and I’m in 6th period 20th century U.S. History with Mr. Sal. Some expectations that I have for this class are that I would like to learn about the World Wars and the Vietnam War because they are important parts of the country’s history. I am also interested in the current war because it is an ongoing problem with our country. I would like to become more comfortable with the iPods and computers as well because technology is on the rise and I need to be more comfortable with these things.

What I want to learn

My course expectations for this class is to learn more than I already know about wars, presidents, national crisis’s. One war that I would like to learn more about is WorldWarII because it cost this country a great deal as in money and young men sacrificing their lives. Also i would like to learn about the Vietnam war because it was so controversial because not many people appreciated the soliders, and I would like to know why they didn’t like them. The technology I would like to learn about is the smartboard, it looks really complex and fun to use. Also the Ipod and all the applications you can use.