Course Expectations blog

hi my name is Johnathan F.  and i am a freshman at NBASD School District in Beaver County PA. I am in honors economics 9. I would like to learn about edmodo, evernote and wiki spaces. i would like to learn more about the ipod touch and the smartboard.

johnathan f.

honors econ

pd 8.

Class expectations

My mane is Jerick Wallace and I am in honors civics period 8. My two expectations for the subject are one to learn somethings that will truely help me in my future. Also my other expectation for the subject is to learn and do good on tests. As for my technology expectations one is to learn to use this blog and other websites easier and better. My other one is to use iPod touch better. These are my class expectations.

My expections.

Hi! I’m Dominic G. And I am a freshman in Mr. Sal’s honors civics class period 8. I am expecting to learn about how our economy works and about the immergrants who arrived in Ellis island in the early 1900’s. As for my expectations for the technology we are using I would like to learn how to use a IPod as my source of computer easily. I would also like to learn how to us a blog and educational social networking sites to better understand things that we are learning. I think this is benifical because I will get so see other people views on things. These are my expectations for this honors civics this year.

Stewart s’s expectations

Hi my name is Stewart S. and I’m in Mr. Sals Econ/Pod period 3. In this class this year I want to learn how to balance a check book because I feel it will be an important skill for after high school to know. Another subject I would like to learn more about would psychology because for the career I am interested in involves a lot of psychology. This year I would also like to learn more about the smart board that is in the class because we as students never really get to use it and I think it would be a good skill to have in the future. Another piece of technology that I would like to learn more about would be the iPods that we use in class because this year is the first year that I have used them and I feel that this would be a good skill to have for college.

My expectations

Hello I’m kaitlyn , and I’m in Mr. Salvucci’s POD period 3. I want to learn about phsycology and what the real problems are our democracy. How the problems can be fixed and how they are made worse. I want to be able to write a check, for the simple fact that i am about to be grown and be out there in the ereal world. I hope using this technology will enable me to do different things other then using paper and penicls. I hope that the iPods will help me understand the cyber world and just what it’s capable of. I would also like to learn how to use the overhead board. I want to be able to take this experience to college and maybe teach them a thing or about the technology I learned to use in high school and there just now learning how to use. I set these goals for myself cause I need a challenge, I need to stop get stuff handed to me and just take it. It’s time for me to do stuff for myself as an adult like I am about to be and to do what’s expected of me. When I go out in the real world i aint gonna have no teacher holding my hand walking me through everything and making sure I turn my work, they dont care at college it is your responsibilty as an adult to complete and accomplish your goals by yourself  like a big kid.

My expectations

Hola, my name is Tenia and I’m in Mr.Salvucci’s 3rd period class. I would like to learn about balancing a checkbook so I can have all my money set straight. I am a senior this year so I am about to be on my own and old enough that I will be taking on my own responsibilities, not mom always handling everything for me. Another thing I would like to learn is how to edit and design videos. Such as put music on the video, add effects and etc. I want to learn that because it seems like a fun thing to learn and just know how to do. I tried before but had no clue on what I was doing so thats another thing I would like to learn.

Nina’s blog :)

Hey my name is Nina and I’m a freshman at new brighton high school, I turn sixteen November 1st, the day after halloween. I’m in mr salvucci’s class everyday 5th period and I think it’s cool that we work on iPod touches for class, kinda makes it not boring. Plus I forget books & notes alot so I’m glad all of it stays on class, like on the iPod. I’m also excited to learn about the polyvision interactive white boards because when I get older I want to be a teacher and I’ll probably end up using something like it in the future.

My expectations

In civics this year I would like to learn about the United States government and the presidents. I want to learn about our government because last year we didn’t study it that much, I want to learn about the presidents because I’ve never had he opportunity to learn about them. I also want to learn more about the iPods because I’ve never had an iPod to use and learn with. I also want to learn more about computers because they have always interested me.

Course expectations

I’m Daniel K and I’m in 20th century historty period 6 and i want to learn more about how skateboarding started because skateboarding is my favorite hobby. I also would like to learn more about the start of other sports. Two expectations I have with the technology are I hope to learn how to type on the ipods better and I hope to learn more about the iPods apps.

My expectations

I want to leran more about the United States because its where i’m from. Another thing i wanna learn in here is more about the presidents because i don’t know alot about them. My expectations for the ipods to get better with them, because  i don’t have one and it’s new to me. Another expectation is to do better at bloging.