Civil Rights Project Reflection by Mason S

In my project, I chose to research one of the greatest jazz composers of all time, Duke Ellington. Duke was a jazz composer in the 1900’s. He was born in 1899 and passed away in 1974.

I learned throughout this project how to use multiple websites. I have never used canva before, but in this project, it turned out to be simple and easy. Citing our websites was different than anything I have ever done but it was very easy to use. I learned that Duke was born and raised in the capital and was the only composer in his family.

In this assignment, I liked how we got to pick who we researched and made a presentation on. 

I would change the amount of websites used and work done. I personally like making google slides and presenting them.

Civil Rights Project Reflection by Ariel N

My assignment was on Southern Christian Leadership. The southern christian leadership The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) was a civil rights organization founded in 1957 by Martin Luther King Jr. and other Southern black ministers to coordinate and support nonviolent protests and demonstrations for civil rights reform. The SCLC played a key role in the Civil Rights Movement, organizing marches, boycotts, and voter registration drives to combat racial segregation and discrimination in the South. The organization’s philosophy was based on the principles of nonviolence and love, inspired by the teachings of Gandhi and Jesus Christ.

Some of the things I learned while researching on the SCLC was that there were so many more people that you would think were fighting for the African Americans right to vote and have a day which fills my heart with joy!

Some things that I ended up liking while working on the research project was that for the first time in a while I had ended up working by myself and I finally was able to get my own work done and not turn everything in late which was so much less stressful.!

Honestly I would have payed more attention to my teacher when he was presenting and preparing us for it before he left for his work trip it was a lot harder with him not being here then him being here to help so I was confused for awhile but I figured it out after just sitting here thinking for awhile!

Civil Rights Project Reflection by Fred K

My black history month project is on the lady Aretha Franklin, she supported the civil rights movements and was a women’s rights activist. Reflecting on my project I’ve learned about a lady who was heard by the entire united states during her time, she had been a very successful singer and songwriter. She had the nickname of Queen of Soul and had written the song RESPECT which talked about the topics of women’s rights and civil rights. The part of the assignment I liked the most was learning about a successful woman who just wanted her voice to be heard. I would talk more in depth about her young life ,music ,family ,and death.

Civil Rights Reflection by Sara D

The Student Sit- Ins it is about how they got kicked out of Woolworth’s lunch counter, they just wanted coffee and sandwiches but got kicked out because of the color of their skin, they sat there and they took it. They weren’t allowed to fight back because if they did they would be the ones looking “bad” because they fought back. I learned how to do these different things, lille researching things etc. I liked me learning about something new, i didn’t like doing the thing Canva. 

Civil Rights Reflection by Logan B

The person I centered my Black History Month project around is Quincy Jones. The reason I chose Qunicy Jones as my topic was because I’ve heard his name before so I just felt like picking him. Some Things I learned from this project are that Qunicy Jones is number 3 all time in grammys, I learned how to use canva, and I feel generally more productive then I was before. One thing I liked about this project was that there were many small assignments within the whole project which I just liked for some reason. I also liked the due dates for each assignment and felt like they were fair because they weren’t too short to where I couldn’t get my work done, but they weren’t too long to where I would just slack off and not do any work for a while. There are no big changes I would make to the assignment not only because I wouldn’t know what to change but also I feel like it wasn’t that bad of a project.

Civil Rights Project Reflection by Jaz B.

Birmingham, Alabama was a civil right march for segregation, held by 5,00 school children that skipped school all focuses on the walk for are rights

I reflect on how inspiring the young people of Birmingham were to stand up for segregation and go out of their way to go walk in thor downtown to help others, to get arrested and to see the fire houses and horses getting attacked it was a vishest act. 

I like how this assignment gives me a look into a world I never knew existed. It emphasizes what we have gone through to get where we are now. I feel more proud of people and where we all came from. This assignment made me look into something that normally I would not know. 

The changes i would make in the future if i could would be to do more of the voice stuff, so you hear my voice saying the script but also you can tell with my voice where i am coming from and  I could add more details if needed, it really makes me feel more connected to the project when we do more fun things like that with it .

Civil Rights Project Reflection by Lennon T.

My subject was Sugar Ray Robinson. Sugar Ray was a professional boxer. He was born
on May 3 1921. He wasn’t allowed to eat in certain restaurants or watch movies in certain theaters.He won the world championship 6xs as a boxer once as a welterweight and others as a middleweight his record was 174-19-2 and he killed a person accidentally in the ring his name was jimmy doyle.

What I learned from this project was that he killed a person in the ring. He wasn’t allowed in certain places. He showed the world that African Americans can do anything that anyone else can. He wanted to bring people together not apart. He was asked to do segregated shows but he declined because he wanted it integrated.

What I liked from this project was we had a long time to work on it.

What I would change is nothing about the project.

Civil Rights Project Reflection by Matt S.

This is my doc reflection, it is based off my black history project witch was about Wilma Rudolph she was a famous african american olympic runner and she ended up with pouts and polo and scarlet fever and had a huge brace on her leg bc of and and the docs told her she would never walk again and she ended up being able to start walking and then she became a natural athlete at a young age and made a huge impacted in sports. She ended up passing away from brain cancer .

I learned from my project that if you put the time and effort into anything ,you can do anything you put your mind to. Just like Wilma put in her mindset that she will walk  again. Her having the termination and support she ended up walking again let alone being an olympic champion. So if you put your time and determination into anything you can do it.

I liked everything about the project. It was a really fun project even though it was a little confusing at first but ended up being a great experience and very fun project. I would definitely do it again but just a different topic other than black history month more something like my hobbies.

There are really no changes that need to be made. It was very self explanatory and a well made project assignment . 

Civil Rights Project Reflection by Tyrone K

I learned many things during this month and with completing this project. One item that stood out to me the most is that Dr. Martin Luther King was a reverend. He had a church, and was one the founders of the SCLC.

The speeches the SCLC gave was something I found interesting, They protested for civil rights, created a movement and for a name. This gave blacks and whites the opportunity to be able to work together as a team for the SCLC.

The SCLC was focused on its effort towards citizenship, schools and efforts to desegregate individual cities such as Albany, Georgia Birmingham and many more places. The movement played a key role in the march on Washington in 1963.

The only changes I would make to this assignment is just adding more than what I did. I feel like it was a little less with pictures and all. I would add better details of the movement. However, other than that I feel I did pretty good for this assignment

Civil Rights Project Reflection by Joslynn S.

My topic was about the Freedom Rides and Core. The Freedom Riders were the people who protested against segregation on buses and terminals until it was prohibited. They left in May of 1961, and segregation was prohibited in Fall of 1961.

When doing this project, I learned how to advance google search, and cite links. I think these are important so that no images or links get copyrighted and you know they’re legit.

I liked learning about the Freedom Riders because I liked learning what helps us live the world we live in today without people having to feel different because of their race.

One thing I would change about this project is making us do less research notes and images and not having us cite the work. I would change this because it is less time consuming and makes the project go by faster.