Class Expectations

Hello, I am scott.  I am now entering mr. sal’s 20th century class.  I would like to learn about the 1900’s because there was a lot of history that changed our world today.  I am a junior and i run cross country.  I also play baseball and basketball.

I have always done well in history classes.  They have always been very boring though and not interesting.  I am looking forward to this year because we our going to learn about wars hopefully.  I am a very good listener and try to pay attention in class so i dont have to study as hard.  I am expecting for Mr. Sal to make 20th Century very fun.  I am also expecting to learn about why some wars have been started.  I want to know about this because it is our past and we need to learn what everyone went thrrough for i to be where we are now.

I am expecting to learn with the new Ipod touches.  They are different and a change that helps me stay on topic.  Technology now is in its prime and we need to use it to the fullest.  Technology is going to help us learn about history faster and in a more effiecient way.  I wanna learn alot more about technology and i think that we are going to this year because we are on Edmodo alot.  I think that we are going to use technology so much that we are not even going to realize that we are using it anymore.

Hopefully class is fun and exciting.

Class Expectations for 2011-12 school year

Hi, my name is Jake C. The class I am in is world cultures for Mr. Sal. This year at nbhs. I am in 6th period.

Like the rest of my fellow classmates, I have a few expectations about the class of world cultures, and about the technology that we are to use in the class. Furthermore, one expectation I expect for the class is to discover new countries and the lifestyle that they all follow. every country has them, like the average American works 5 days a week and has the weekend off, there may be a country out in the middle east that does not have an office to go to every day, or land to work on. Another thing I expect from our class would be a lot of projects and papers doing research and working as a team to accomplish certain tasks

As for the technology, one of the expectations I have is to learn on the ipod’s and computers more than I have in any of the previous classes I have ever been in. I feel learning about a new culture through the internet will create a better learning environment for myself, this enables all of us to see daily blogs, new internet sites, etc. that are updated often from other people in different countries. Also, I expect to use technology so often in this class, that by the end of the year it will make no difference to myself or any classmate that by working on a project or assignment online or with a poster.

20th <3

Well, hey there. I’m Kristo. I pretty much ADORE  history. I’m in 20th at the moment.

There are some things I really want to learn more about. One of which is pretty much everything that happen in the 1960’s. Gay rights,Women’s rights,and HIPPIES! I do have reasons.

Women’s Rights, Gay Rights, and Harvey Milk

This probably my favorite topic because so much happened! I believe in equal rights for every one, no matter what. I’m a liberal;  What can I say? 🙂 Harvey Milk was a HUGE inspiration to every one, not just gay community. He showed that you can do anything no matter who you may be.


Hippies are like the coolest humans alive. Hey were so accepting and were liberal. They loved nature and had WOODSTOCK! I wish I was alive in the sixties. They were super chill and believed in free love and equality. They were so natural it was beautiful, man.  The music at Woodstock was amazing. (ex. Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, ect.)

In short, the 1960’s were amazing. I really do wish I was alive in the sixties. The music was groovy, the Hippies were so cool, and it was a decade for change. 🙂

about me

Hi, my names Cory. I like to chill with my friends and you can almost always find me listening to music. I have a job and sometimes i work 30 hours a week, I also skateboard.

My math skills are not the best and i’m a good reader for the most part. oh, i almost forgot i’m 16.


about Ashton

Hi there! My name is Ashton G.  I am in Mr. Salvucci’s 20th century class.   In my twentieth century class, I would like to learn all about what went on in the 1960’s.  I would like to see how technology developed and interesting facts throughout the 20th century.

I would also like to learn how to work the technology better in our class.  I want to improve my skills with technology.    I am not very skilled with computers, but i feel by taking this class i can develop a better understanding of computers.

about Zach

My name is Zach F. I am currently in Mr. Salvucci’s 20th century class. In Mr. Salvucci’s class i would like to learn about technology throughout the 20th century and important facts throughout the 20th century.  Such as; ipods, computers ect…  I feel by taking this class my skills will improve in all levels of the 20th century learning.

The goals I wish to achieve are learn to use and the history behind new technology. I expect to know how to use this technology to my advantage. such as, homework, studying, and learning new things. this class is going to improve my classwork and also help me in the future with possible jobs and schools.

Skype chat with Hichem/

I now know more about life in the middle east. Before i new nothing about the middle east I didn’t even know they had cars over there but I know that they do now. I also know about their currency and some other things.

If we were to have another skype conversation with someone from another country i would let ever one talk indivualy

Royal Wedding

Samantha E. pd 9

The Royal Wedding was for Prince William and Catherine Middleton. It was located in London, England. This wedding is especially important because William and Kate can be the next possible King and Queen of England. I think Americans are interested in the wedding because Americans are nosey by nature, and we also are interested in seeing the possible King and Queen get married. During the wedding, I noticed a couple differences than that of an average wedding. In the Royal Wedding, almost every female was wearing a big hat of some sort. Also, everyone was still standing, and facing the aisle throughout the majority of the ceremony. Even after William and Kate were legally married, they did not share their first kiss until they went out on the balcony for all to see. The most interesting thing I found about the wedding was how awkward they looked standing there in front of the whole church full of people. They did not look nearly as happy as I had thought they would.

The Royal Wedding

Andrew H.  Pd. 9

The wedding was between Prince William and Catherine Middleton took place in England. This was truly a memorable wedding because Kate is a commoner, and this has never been aloud before. The royal weddings are mostly always set up; this on the other hand is for love. The real question is however, why are Americans so interested in this? The more logical explanation would be that we separated ourselves from England. If we wouldn’t have this wedding would be a big thing for use. My thoughts however, Americans need to be up in everyone’s business!

There were some things I notice from the wedding. These things are strange to me because we don’t do this in America. For instance, during the entire wedding everyone stayed standing. Also, they never kissed until they went to the palace balcony. Over all, this wedding was very fairy tale like. I say this because they married because they loved each other. In my opinion that’s the only reason people should marry!