El Expectations

Howdy hey, Sara from Mr. Sal’s period five civics class wants to share her expectations of the class and the technology in it with all of you beautiful people. In actuality, she doesn’t want to, but has to. In any case:

As far as the class itself goes, I really only expect that we learn what our roles as citizens are and why each of them is important in the long run (definition of civics shamelessly taken from Wikipedia – what can I say, I had no idea what civics actually was) since that’s what the class is supposed to be about, and that we learn as much as the students in honors civics do. Can’t have our class learning less just because we’re ‘regular’, right?

As for the technology in the classroom, I hope that we’ll actually use all of the accounts that we created fairly often because I get annoyed when I make accounts for things I’ll never use anyway, and that we’ll learn to use a lot of things that we aren’t already familiar with (that’s already been accomplished, though, I’d never really used an iPod Touch before this class). I think that way, we will take our learning experience to the MAX!

My expectations ..

Hi, I’m Taylor and I’m in Mr. Sal’s POD class. During this year in POD, I would like to Learn about many different topics.One that i would really like to learn about would be,balancing checkbooks.Once out of high school that will be one thing that I will need to know how to do.Another thing that I would like to learn about would be,psychology.It is a topic that I think would be interesting,and would like to learn more about.I would like to learn any topics that would be very useful that i would use outside of high school.Using the iPod touches will help me get better at using technology in general.It will only help me, because i can always learn more.I have these goals and expectations because I want to learn as much as I possibly can.

Course Expectation

My name is Zack G. and I’m in 6th period 20th century U.S. History with Mr. Sal. Some expectations that I have for this class are that I would like to learn about the World Wars and the Vietnam War because they are important parts of the country’s history. I am also interested in the current war because it is an ongoing problem with our country. I would like to become more comfortable with the iPods and computers as well because technology is on the rise and I need to be more comfortable with these things.

What I want to learn

My course expectations for this class is to learn more than I already know about wars, presidents, national crisis’s. One war that I would like to learn more about is WorldWarII because it cost this country a great deal as in money and young men sacrificing their lives. Also i would like to learn about the Vietnam war because it was so controversial because not many people appreciated the soliders, and I would like to know why they didn’t like them. The technology I would like to learn about is the smartboard, it looks really complex and fun to use. Also the Ipod and all the applications you can use.

20th century class expectations

This year I want to learn In the 20th century class is major events that occurred in the 20th century. And events that had an impact on things that we do today. I’m pretty good with the technology that we are using. Reasoning that I want to learn about events is because I like knowing things that happened in that past and how it has changed to course of history.

Course expectations

Hello, this is Mitchell K in Mr. Sal’s 6th period class. My two expectations for this class are about wars. I want to learn about WWII and desert storm. I want to learn anout wars because i actualy find it interesting unlike all the stuff we learned about last year. I also want to learn about the wars because i want to join the military when i leave school. My two expectations about the technology are to be more functional with the iPods and to better understand all of the programs that we use this year. I want to be more comfertable with both of these items so I can be more efficent with what we are doing in class.


Hi I’m Kyle f. I am in 20th century class 6th period and we are blogging. In 20th century this year I would like to learn about Vietnam and about the presidents. I would like to get better with the iPods and the smartboard in class. I want to learn about Vietnam because I heard a lot about it and I want to know more about it. What to know more about the presidents because I know a lot about most of them but I would like to know backgrounds and how good they were in office. I want to know more about computers because it is the technology of the future and computers will always be around. So I need to get better with them. The smartboard in class interested me very much. It just looks like a fun thing to use, and I want to learn how to do it.

My name is Tori G and I am in period 6 20th century class. One thing in history that sparks my interest is the great depression. My grandmother tells me a little bit about it but she was very vague. I would also like to learn abuout the struggles the holocaust victims went through. They all seem so strong and courageous to endure that and I would like to know more about it in detail. I am not very pretty terrible with technology. I would like to know more about the smart board. I want to know how that pen type thing works with it. Knowing the basics of the iPod is something else I want to know. I hope to learn a lot in this class.


Hello everyone. I’m Elena H. My expectations about this class are that hopefully we get everything done and known how to use the technology. I would like to learn about the different electronic tools available to us students. Mostly because it will probaly help in the long run. In history I would like to learn about the gold rush because I find it interesting how people dropped everything for the chance to strike it rich in a “easy” manner.

course expectations blog assignment

Hello, my name is Chelsey S. I’m in Mr. Sal’s 20th century class period 6. I am really interested in learning more about the holocaust this year; it’s always caught my attention and involvement. Using the technology in class can help the students and myself better understand what we are learning; for we would have to look up the information ourselves on the computers or iPod touches. I expect to advance in both my history and technology skills during this class. As for technology, using the iPod touches alot will help me better understand how to use them. I also expect to adapt to them as I have to computers. Learning more about the holocaust will help me understand more about the past and how it’s changed through the years. Same with learning more about different cultures and how our country is unique from others around us.